From all of us at Morning Bray Farm, wishing you peace, hope and love.

New Year Card 2016

We’ve been here for six weeks and it has felt like home since day one.

First day

We now have a porch goat:

Moo on her porch

Rain or shine, the gardens are lovely:

Garden after the rain

The herd has the farm’s best view:

Our first rainbow

Our snail races are exciting:

Snail races

Mornings are my favorite:




Glimpses from our Saturday afternoon walk:

Heading back toward Morning Bray Farm:

Sunset from Morning Bray Farm:


A very special package was delivered here yesterday.

It was like Christmas on June 3rd.

Don did a wonderful job of working with a western metal artist in Chino Valley, Arizona to design our entrance sign.

It was right about now I decided to put the camera down to help Don. The sign weighs 56 pounds!

We got that sucker up there though. Of course I worried about Don being up so high on the ladder…

But all was well in the end. Naturally, we then started analyzing who we thought was who on the sign…

Nevertheless, life is good. ♥

Don and I were talking yesterday about how we’d know Bernard’s or Ellsworth’s bray anywhere, and how the donkey boys have been braying much less since Fergus and Nigel arrived two weeks ago.

So, for posterity, we present Bernard and Ellsworth braying. It was at about the time these videos were taken we decided Morning Bray would be the name of our little farm.

In case you’re wondering, not a peep from Fergus or Nigel yet.

Ellsworth, a.k.a. our sentinel, evaluated a potential security breach at Morning Bray Farm yesterday afternoon.

What is that thing, Mom?

Ms. Turkey must feel safe around the boys. She fixed herself up with a nest just on the other side of the corral fence. She’s sitting on a dozen or so eggs.

Each time a horse and rider pass the road in front of Morning Bray Farm, time seems to stand still for the boys.

They watch with rapt attention,

and gentle curiosity.

I always wonder what they’re thinking.