March 2011

A rare, quiet moment for Meggie Moo:

A tender moment between Momma and Baby Boy:

Ellsworth being an incredible big brother and officially welcoming Patrick into the herd:

A hug from Fergus. I will always cherish this photo:

The simple joy of taking Bernard for a walk around the block:

April 2011

Kassie watching squirrel television:

Patrick learning how to be a donkey and giving his very first hug:

Welcoming the ducklings to the farm:

May 2011

Donkeys and ducklings meeting for the first time:

Whisky romping in the Rio Grande:

The ducklings loving the lawn sprinklers:

One of our many donkey play dates. Oh, how we love our play dates:

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For the last couple of weeks, we’ve noticed Abigail’s udder getting bigger and bigger. We wondered if it’s possible for a doe to start filling her udder and making milk without ever being pregnant. (Abigail has never been pregnant.)

As much as I wanted to show you the size of her udder, Abigail was very shy about letting me take photos.

Turns out, the answer to our question is yes. If a doe starts making milk without ever being pregnant, it’s called being “precocious” and is actually not uncommon.

Here’s Don seeing if Abigail was making milk. If we had captured the audio, you’d hear Don saying something like, “I can’t believe I’m milking a goat.”

Yup, Abigail’s got milk. More research showed us that it’s best to just let her be and not milk her; she will eventually reabsorb the milk.

Thanks for trying, Abby. ♥