First, for Mel in N.Y., here’s Bernard modeling the chucker a la Morning Bray Farm. Thanks, Carson!

Now, on to Bernard’s exgooberance for the poor, poor Jolly Ball.

Don came home last week to find Bernard stepping on and shredding the Jolly Ball. 

Poor, sad Jolly Ball wasn’t jolly anymore. Of course Don immediately took it away from Bernard for fear that he would swallow a piece of it.

 A trip to the farm supply store yesterday morning brought us home with a shiny new Jolly Ball. Bernard was very skeptical.

Upon further examination…

Bernard determined that the new Jolly Ball was worthy of his attention. Hmm… same technique though. We’ll have to keep an eye on Bernard and his new Jolly Ball.

Meanwhile, we have some other extremely exciting news to share! Nigel let me touch him for the very first time yesterday morning. Back-to-back scritches on his forehead… we’re totally okay with baby steps buddy. Love you. ♥