On Sunday morning we backed the trailer into the corral and said, “All aboard to anyone who wants to go to a party!” I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear that Bernard was the first to climb aboard, completely unaided.

Bernard was followed by Patrick, then Ellsworth.

We did our best to convince Buck of the great time that was in store for him, but in the end he decided to stay with Nigel and Gracie at Morning Bray Farm. Maybe next time.

It was a beautiful day and our drive was uneventful:

The 7MSN herd was waiting to greet us when we arrived:

Bernard, Ellsworth and Patrick were so happy to be back, they didn’t waste any time getting the party started:

Patrick got us into a festive mood by modeling the latest in Cinco de Mayo fashion, along with George, Hank, Lucy and Don:

When Carson brought out the first round of her Thirsty Rancher-Woman Margaritas, we were all excited – people and equines alike. Carson makes a really good margarita:

We went out and did some game donkey driving in the Ranger, with the hope of spotting the rare and elusive feral donkeys of Morning Bray Farm. (The last couple of times we’ve visited 7MSN, the Boyz turn into the Wild Boyz and want nothing to do with us while they’re exploring.)

Alan came over to see if he could talk Danni into giving him a taste of her margarita:

Ah, yet another perfect donkey (and people) play date day with our truly awesome friends.

Loved it. ♥