The next stop on our 2012 vacation was Critter Farm. We were so excited to see Danni, and to meet her husband Jim and all of their critters.

Their beautiful little Roxy stole our hearts with her big personality and long black eyelashes:

Danni’s gardens are stunning:

Don and I were so excited to meet Beau and Chester:

And to get our donkey fix:

No matter where you are, some things never change:

Even though she’s shy, Kai llama is a gorgeous girl who loves her goats:

Honey the chicken loves to help Danni with the chores:

All of the critters love Danni and Jim:

And they love their critters:

At Critter Farm, everyone gets along:

♥ ♥ ♥

Danni and Jim, thank you.


  • Cannon Beach