Back in June, we took the boys’ Jolly Ball away after we discovered Bernard stepping on and shredding it. Naturally, we were terrified that Bernard would eventually swallow a piece of it.

The following week, we brought home a brand new Jolly Ball for the boys.  Blue Jolly Ball wound up with the same fate – in the trash can – after only one day. Just like that, Mister Bernard had shredded it.

Fast forward several weeks. Guess what happened to neon orange traffic cone? If you guessed trash can, you’re right. Poor, poor traffic cone… chewed to bits by Bernard. Note: This picture is obviously not from July of this year, but it is the cutest picture ever of Barnyard with the traffic cone. It may also be the reason Bernard felt it was necessary to shred traffic cone.

So, imagine our surprise yesterday evening when we looked out the window to see something that looked a bit like this. Really, Bernard?

Don had obviously parked the tractor too close to the corral and Bernard was sucking/chewing on the tractor tire. Really, Bernard? ♥ ♥ ♥

Note: Tractor is not in trash. Tractor was moved.