As you might imagine, it’s considerably more humid here than it is back in Albuquerque. And while everyone is shedding out quite nicely right now, Patrick not so much.

With as much sweating as he’s been doing, we figured it’d be best to trim him for the summer.


We pulled the clippers out on Saturday afternoon with the honorable intent of giving woolly Patty Pat Pat a full-body shave.

Yeah, not so much.


Poor Patrick panicked at the sound of the clippers. Try as we might to comfort him, his terrified moments quickly outnumbered his calm ones. I have to assume that Patrick is more apt to panic than anyone else in the herd because of his past abuse. (Patrick is also the only one to freak when Harriet wears her blue coat.)


He even did the unprecedented “try to kick Daddy in the head” a couple of times. That’s probably because Don threatened to shave D-O-N into Patrick’s side.


You can see how much little we managed to get shaved. I suppose it’s enough to let Patrick feel at least a bit cooler over the next couple of months.


Shaving him has allowed us to see Patrick’s brand for the first time though.


The man who used to rope Patrick told Don that his brand was similar to the symbol for hazardous materials. (I couldn’t believe it either.)



I’m going to see it as a shamrock instead.


After all, wonderful things can come in threes, right?

Grace Patrick Harriet

♥ ♥ ♥