It was a grey and cold day when our good friends Cindy and Stanley visited us a couple of weekends ago.  Cindy’s parents were in town for a visit and came along (there were two new donkey converts in the world before they left). As always, Bernard and Ellsworth were excellent donkey ambassadors:

Cindy and Stanley were eager to meet Patrick, Gracie and Buck for the first time:

And Don and I were eager to meet Cindy and Stanley’s new baby, Tristan:

Good friends are such a blessing, aren’t they? As always, they left us with beautiful images of the critters that we love:

Thank you, Cindy and Stanley. ♥ ♥ ♥

A hug from Bernard.

A goober face.

Geese. (GK, we’ll never look at them the same way again, either. ♥)

After Fergus died, I emailed our friends Stanley and Cindy at Lei Photography. Stanley and his wife Cindy last came out to visit the boys in March, just a week before Patrick’s arrival.  

My email to Stanley and Cindy explained that Fergus had died, and I asked if they had taken any pictures of him that Don and I hadn’t seen.  

Yesterday, we found out they had. And I smiled.

They had many pictures that made me smile.

Bernard’s never-ending supply of hugs…

…even for Stanley.

Bernard’s mischief.

And beautiful pictures of kissable, huggable Fergus.

Thank you, Stanley and Cindy. ♥

Our friends Stanley and Cindy did it again. They captured the emotion of every moment they were here last Saturday.

Just like they did last August.

Thank you once again, Stanley and Cindy. ♥  You both are amazing, talented and wonderful… and the boyz love you! (So do we.)

You can also visit Lei Photography on Facebook here. ♥

We were so fortunate to have Stanley and Cindy from Lei Photography visit us on Saturday.

The boys took an instant liking to them.

Stanley and Cindy are amazing photographers… and incredibly nice people who absolutely love animals.

Through their photos, they captured the feel and emotion of every moment they were here.

And, they completely captured the magic of Morning Bray Farm.

I think that’s a very special gift.

Thank you, Stanley and Cindy. ♥

You can also visit Lei Photography on Facebook here.