It’s a really rough life, but somebody’s gotta do it.

The Moominator wasn’t trying to maim or kill anything yesterday evening.


Instead, the only thing she was fighting was sleep.  It was a rare and beautiful thing.

Sweet dreams, Meggie Moo. ♥

Such conflict.

Meggie hates being touched, yet loves to be scratched.

Thankfully, we’ve worked out an arrangement that suits her just fine.

She really digs a good stick scratch.

But Heavens to Murgatroyd, you gotta lean into it.

Reeeeely lean into it.

And don’t we all know, there’s nothing wrong with a girl gettin’ what she wants the way she wants it. ♥

I don’t know if we’ll ever understand Meggie’s behavior. We trimmed some trees and bushes back yesterday afternoon and shared the cuttings with all of the critters. While everyone else happily dug in, it seemed that Meggie first needed to show the plum-tree branch who was in charge.

I’ve often wondered why goats have horizontal slit-shaped pupils.

In the little bit of information I’ve been able to find on the subject, animals like goats may have evolved horizontal pupils because better vision in the vertical plane may be beneficial in mountainous environments.  Apparently, having horizontal slit-shaped pupils increases their peripheral depth perception and also makes it easier for them to see at night.

Did you know that donkeys have blind spots directly in front of and behind them and that they can’t see the ground when their heads are raised?

Mom asked us not to wait until Sunday Cinema to introduce you to Meggie because she didn’t want us introducing you to the devil on a Sunday morning.

That being said, sometimes things are better explained in movies. This is Meggie. She thinks she’s the boss of the barnyard. We love her, but she’s, well, umm… realllly bossy.

This behavior is probably what caused Mom to have a dream that Meggie was the devil. We wonder if Meggie’s head is going to spin all the way around one of these days.