Water is the driver of nature.

              – Leonardo da Vinci

As of last week, the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District is moving water again.

Irrigation season has begun.

Change is coming and excitement is in the air.

There’s a party going on…

…and everyone’s invited.

And while some may stay longer than others…

…everyone’s having a great time.

There was very good news in last Wednesday’s Albuquerque Journal. The gates were opened at Diversion Dam and the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District was moving water again. Oh yeah. We were excited.

In a nutshell, the conservancy district supplies irrigation water to about 62,000 acres of New Mexico’s farmland from Cochiti Dam to Socorro. From March through October, four small dams divert water from the Rio Grande into a network of 400 miles of irrigation canals, one of which runs right in front of Morning Bray Farm.

That means this:

Just yesterday turned into this:

And the boys can start dreaming about green pastures once again.