We were hoping we might have Fergus in a halter by the time our farrier came around on Saturday.

Not yet, but that’s okay.

Okay because Shorty; our farrier, said the difference in Ellsworth this time versus last was night and day. It was only last time Shorty was here he was able to trim Ellsworth’s back feet.

Don bought a new (smaller) saddle cinch for Ellsworth and we tried it on for size later that afternoon.

Everything looked good, so we gave Ellsworth a test drive. Our gentle boy walked me around the corral several times. I never asked Ellsworth to move, but he did turn and stop when we asked him to. I couldn’t believe I was actually riding Ellsworth! ♥

I finally got pictures of one of the boys with their pink donkey tongue left sticking out as they tend to do after they have their drinks of water. It was Bernard.

Love you, love you, love you, love you Bernard. Okay, so here’s another secret. My nickname for Bernard is Buhbee. I don’t know why.

And then, after the post last week about mutual grooming, guess who I saw grooming each other? Ellsworth and Nigel!