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As we were sitting out on the front porch enjoying our margaritas on Sunday afternoon, Lenny came by to check on us.

Instead of Lenny though, it was his missus.

I’ve seen pups running around lately, so it was nice to meet their mamma.

The female rock squirrel has two litters a year with three to nine young in each litter. The first litter is born between April and June and the second litter is born between August and September.

Yesterday felt like a glorious spring day. Even Lenny came out to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Like all of us here, he was happy to bask in the golden rays. He even had a sparkle in his eye.

Hello, Leonard. Did you sleep well?

You might remember a post about Cecil from several weeks ago. Just as we call all of our barn swallows Cecil, all of our squirrels are called Lenny.

Lenny was in the inner sanctum of the Hairy Hacienda yard when Don took these pictures. Oh dear.

Hun, pleeeese be careful about coming into this yard. The last time Lenny ventured in here, he met a not so pleasant fate.

And, dude. Are you eating my plants?


For Cathy R… we promise we will.   😀