I officially have a new favorite tomato. 

Thanks again to Danni over at On the Way to Critter Farm, I grew these egg yolk heirloom tomatoes from seed this year. Just as she promised, they’re a sweet, yellow tomato about the size and color of an egg yolk. 

We had our first frost on Monday night, which means no more tomatoes from our garden this year. Hmmph.  

I think it’s possible that instead of visions of sugar-plums dancing in my head over the holidays, I’ll have visions of egg yolk tomatoes. Seriously. Go figure. ♥

We’re having some serious technical difficulties here. For goodness’ sake, all I’ve wanted for the last few days is to show you my tomatoes.

Thanks to Danni at On the Way to Critter Farm, her support, and her tomato seeds, this is the very first tomato I’ve ever grown from seed. And I’ve been so excited to share it with you.

Instead, as I’ve downloaded pictures from my cameras these last few days, I’ve been getting this:

And, instead of this:

I’ve downloaded this:

Because I was able to download photos successfully onto another computer, here’s what I do know about this issue:

  1. It’s happening to about two-thirds of my photos; not all
  2. It’s not my cameras
  3. It’s not my lenses
  4. It’s not the USB cable
  5. It’s not the USB ports 
  6. Photos that I already have stored on the computer are not affected; only new photos that I download onto the computer are

There’s something going on with our computer and we can’t figure out what it is. Does anyone out there have any ideas?

By the way, the tomatoes are delish. Thank you, Danni! ♥