Don and I flew to Virginia last weekend to visit my dad.

I was in heaven. We visited the Appalachian Trail.

It was green and there were flowers everywhere.

And waterfalls.

And woods.

Did I mention flowers?

We visited the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum.

And walked in more woods. (Heaven.)

We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway. (Beautiful.)

We visited Natural Chimneys Regional Park. Though Maryland was the first state to choose jousting as its official state sport in 1962, Natural Chimneys has been home to the oldest jousting tournament in North America since 1821.

I fell in love with old barns.

And old houses.

I love peonies.

Love. Love. Love. ♥

p.s. Mommy, thank you for looking after the farm while we were gone. ♥ ♥ ♥

Perhaps we should change the name to Saturday Parts “and Stuff”.           

What a contrast this week. This was our view:         

Geese flying over the barn at Morning Bray Farm


    And this was the view of our friends and family back east:         

Bird in a Virginia Blizzard; Picture by Horsegirl


 Here’s hoping that some of our weather heads their way soon.