When I said I was pretty sure this is a Mourning Dove, I was wrong.  Au contraire, my friends… turns out she’s a White-winged Dove. Thanks, CeeCee!

No surprise, it’s all in the details. White-winged Doves have white stripes on their wings.

Eurasian-collared Doves are lighter in color and have napes ringed with a half-black collar. Mourning Doves are medium-sized with gray-brown wings with black spots.

Honestly, I would’ve never thought there were three unique dove species here at Morning Bray Farm. If I wasn’ t blogging, I might have never realized it. ♥

p.s. Don just looked at what I was blogging and asked me if the name of this post was going to be I’m suddenly obsessed with doves and I don’t know why. ♥