The monsoon rains have left us with large cesspools in the corral these last couple of weeks. To rectify our putrid pools of water problem, Don had 13 tons of crusher fines delivered over the weekend.

After the delivery, Buck was our one brave boy:

Judging by everyone else’s reaction though, you would’ve thought the dump truck had left us with 13 tons of slithering snakes:

Run for your lives!

Ellsworth: Patrick, do you think we’re making a mountain out of a molehill?

It took a little while, but everyone finally gathered the courage to explore the mound left in the middle of the corral:

Surprisingly, Dennis the Menace Bernard was the last to work up his nerve:

Ellsworth meanwhile decided that digging in the pile would be fun:

And Patrick came over to say hello:

He looks so handsome all slicked out:

Fear of the crusher fine molehill was eventually replaced with a King of the Mountain complex. Ellsworth decided that it was his mountain and he didn’t wish to share it with anyone:

And general chaos ensued:

And then? And then it was lunchtime, and the mountain made out of a molehill was forgotten:

All’s well that ends well. ♥