Our hummingbird babies are doing well. So well in fact, they’re quickly filling up their nest. When Don checked on them yesterday, he said it looked like they’re stacked in there like firewood.

You might have to click on the photo to get a better look. I have pointed the arrows at their little beaks.

There has been more activity at the nest outside our kitchen window this past week. When we looked out yesterday, we watched as a hummingbird appeared to be feeding something in the nest. This picture was taken through the kitchen window:

When the hummingbird flew off, we ran outside to see if there were babies in the nest. Don climbed up on our porch railing…

…and yes, there are two babies in the nest. 

June over at Aging Gratefully asked about this nest a couple of times. We’re pretty sure these babies were delivered just for her. ♥