Yesterday Don and I took Bernard, Ellsworth and Patrick to visit Carson and the herd at 7MSN.

Patrick hadn’t been loaded into a trailer since he came to Morning Bray Farm back in March, and we worried about how he would do.

Something I never told you is that Patrick’s former people used a cattle prod to trailer load him.

Well, world, I’m here to tell ya… Patrick don’t need no cattle prod to load into a trailer. Our fluffy boy walked right in.

I was so excited that he could be part of the adventure yesterday. So happy that he got to experience the beauty of life.

It was interesting how the addition of Patrick made things feel different. It felt like a herd this time. Just like that, the boys played and played.

The icing on the cake was my best ride yet on Big Red. Thanks to Carson and Lucy, Big Red and I learned a ton, gained confidence and had a blast.

We practiced a one-rein stop, we trotted, we loped and we maneuvered up and down and through and over various obstacles. Big Red was cooperative, willing and confident. Life was beautiful yesterday!

If you visited Carson’s blog over at 7MSN today, you already know that Bernard and Ellsworth were there yesterday for a play date and that Carson and I took an obscene number of pictures.

Bernard and Ellsworth had the time of their lives with the 7MSN herd. While the humans laughed and watched, the boys and beautiful Lucy ran and cavorted like they were enjoying a day in heaven on earth.

There were moments though, that Lucy and Alan seemed incredulous. Stay tuned to see what they were watching. ♥