We’ve been here for six weeks and it has felt like home since day one.

First day

We now have a porch goat:

Moo on her porch

Rain or shine, the gardens are lovely:

Garden after the rain

The herd has the farm’s best view:

Our first rainbow

Our snail races are exciting:

Snail races

Mornings are my favorite:


Rainbow sunrise

Rainbow sunrise2

Rainbow sunrise3

A cold front came through yesterday morning and brought rain showers along with it. When I heard the rain hitting the roof and saw the sun shining, I was hoping there would be a rainbow. I wasn’t disappointed.

 The fall color of the cottonwoods created a perfect pot of gold.

But you know, I should have known better than to think I was going to capture a beautiful photo of the boys with the rainbow as a backdrop. Barnyard accosted me as soon as I set foot into the corral.

Instead, we headed into the barn, dried off the camera, and enjoyed the rainbow together. ♥

Rainbows at Morning Bray Farm


Sunset at Morning Bray Farm