It was time again yesterday for one of the best parties of  the year.

Some of the coolest cats dogs in Albuquerque were there to celebrate. 

We were all there to recognize the work of some of the top therapists in town.

All of these dogs are volunteers with the pet therapy program at one of our local hospitals.

They provide the best therapy and the most important medicine possible… L-O-V-E.  ♥

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a party celebrating the work of some local volunteers, which I was all too willing to accept. The guests of honor at yesterday’s party were very special and quite hairy.

They included a Great Pyrenees named Wotan,

a beautiful whippet named Zoe,

two long-haired dachshunds named Pippin and Max,

a very laid-back black lab named Jibar,

an Akita mix named Shilo,

two English Setters named Paloma and Spencer,

an adorable rescued terrier mix named Sam,

a Bouvier named Willow,

a greyhound named Freddie, whose mom obviously loves him,

and a Shih Tzu named Bear.

All are volunteers with the pet therapy program at one of our local hospitals and provide the most important medicine possible… love. Knock on wood that I never have to be hospitalized, but if I do, I’d like to put my request in now for each and every one of them to stop by and visit.