Year after year, we wage battle with the weeds that grow along our driveway. No more.

Over the weekend, we fertilized and irrigated our pasture. To the displeasure of the Boyz and Gracie Belle, this means the pasture is off-limits for the next several weeks to give the grass an opportunity to grow.

Cutting off pasture access is a serious offense in these parts. With the inmates running the asylum on only day two of the pasture ban, Don and I realized we needed to do something.

We can say weed control and fun in the same sentence now.

Look at Patrick bolting with happiness up the driveway:

It was obvious they all felt like they were getting away with something, which definitely made it fun.

Patrick: Mama, we’ll take care of the weeds from now on, okay? Whenever you need help, you just let us know.

This is the best weed control.