Bernard’s official mantra: 

Life is too short to take seriously. Really.

Most evenings as we’re doing chores, donkey boy has other things in mind. Case in point, here are three minutes in a typical Bernard evening:

Chase Mom or Dad as they’re scooping poop…

 …stop to annoy Ellsworth…

…then stop to say hello to Dad to have a cute photo taken. You can never have too many cute photos.

Finish it all off by paying a surprise visit to Mom and knock her over as she’s kneeling on the ground to take a picture of Ellsworth.

Everyone thought that was funny. I thought so too because Bernard is right, life is too short to take seriously. Really.

Yesterday was glorious. With warm weather and sunshine, Ellsworth by my side and a bed of straw in which to lay under the goat port, what more could I need, you ask?                              


Mom, could I have a pina colada with my straw please?


   Oh dear, he’s feeling tropical.                     

With a pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry?


 No, Bernard.