With Tuesday being the eggception, our guest guineas have surprised us with an egg gift every day this week.

To be sure we’re taking only freshly laid eggs, Don had the great idea of marking the “old” ones with a Sharpie.  

As of last night, we had four fresh guinea eggs in the fridge. Can you tell we’re eggcited?

10/2 Morning Update: Fresh and delicious! We fried up the eggs for breakfast and agreed they were some of the best we’ve ever had. The egg shells were extremely thick – Morning Bray’s resident egg chef (Don) was quite surprised. I heard the first egg bounce off the frying pan as he tried to crack it open!

It rained like hell yesterday. We had two inches between noon and 5 pm, and it was still raining when we went to bed last night. Gads.

As we were rushing around yesterday evening to make sure everyone would be warm and safe and dry for the night (my mantra… everyone MUST be warm and safe and dry), look at what we discovered in the goat stall.

Three beautiful, perfect guinea eggs. A couple of guineas from next door seem to have moved in over the last week or so. 

We’re totally okay with that and figure their eggs were the silver lining in yesterday’s clouds. ♥

9/23 Note for Posterity: Meteorologists recorded 1.74 inches of rainfall at the Albuquerque International Sunport – the greatest amount in one day Since October 22, 1969.