Kike Angel

Monday is Baby Kassie’s 11th birthday. Umm, someone… hello?  Honest, she was three years old just yesterday. 

Kassie came into my life in June of 2002. An acquaintance asked me to take care of Kassie for a week while she went on vacation with her family. I was puzzled when she told me, “If you like her, you can keep her.” What?!

Back then, it was just Enzi and me. The day the acquaintance brought Kassie over, the first thing Kassie did was attack Enzi… full-on barking, snarling, snapping and biting. Poor Enzi was understandably terrified. The first thing Kassie did when she came into the house was pee on the floor. I remember the acquaintance saying very softly, “Oh Cassie, no, no.”  Wow, ahem.

A stake and chain were included in Kassie’s “overnight bag.” The acquaintance told me I could put Kassie outside on the chain and leave her there all day. Kassie was used to that, after all.  The first thing I did after the acquaintance left was throw the stake and chain in the trash. 

Eight years later, I’m so happy I didn’t listen to those who told me I was crazy to take Kassie on. I will forever be grateful to the Baby for teaching me a very important lesson in life.  

“If you wish to be loved, love.”

 Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)


She’s my baby, my Kassie, my little baby Kassie. ♥




When Carson came to meet Fergus and Nigel on Sunday morning, she brought an extra saddle for us to try on Ellsworth. While initially hesitant about the saddle pad, he was a gold star student once she got the saddle on him. Just look at this handsome boy!

You can call me clueless when it comes to tack, so having Carson here showing us the ropes was a blessing.   

Bernard was present with Ellsworth for moral support. Because Bernard was continuously putting something in his mouth, trying to pull something off Ellsworth or stealing carrot coins from Aunt Linda, Don decided to give him a task of his own. Our young boy looked mighty proud strutting his stuff.

When Carson asked if I was ready to hop up on Ellsworth, I was beside myself with excitement. Ellsworth stood there like an old pro, then took a few gentle steps.

 Thank you Ellsworth. I love you so much.

After a few more minutes of tack instruction, our first lesson was complete. Just when we think we can’t possibly love them more, the boys continue to give us new reasons. Every, single day.