If you think about it, what could be better than getting to meet new donkeys every week?

First, thanks to Denise for sharing her mini donkeys – Gunny and Harry – with us.

Gunny (Gunsmoke) is about 3 years old and Harry is 1-1/2.   I “adopted”  both of them from Linda Marchi at Seein’ Spots Farm near Los Olivos, California.   She has many many more and I am so tempted every time I visit.   We bought Harry as a 4-month-old so his mama, Flower, came along for a few months while we weaned him and he grew up a little.   They are FUN FUN FUN!

Don’t they just make you want to melt? Incidentally, Denise’s sister is Di, The Blue Ridge Gal. Hi, Di!  There’s an adorable baby picture of Harry on Di’s blog. Check it out here.

Second, from Mel in N.Y., we get to meet Toby’s and Tyler’s mammas!

Here are the proud mothers of Toby and Tyler. Sparkle, (gray spot) and Shyann (more often called Attitude Ann around here). Shying for two reasons, first, she is shy all the spots she is supposed to have, and two, shy is definitely NOT what she is, or ever has been!! Right from day one, she has believed that she was Queen, and every thing should be done just to please her. The day she was born, she rubbed against my legs and demanded that I pet her. If I was paying attention to some other donkey, she would push in between us and say pet ME!  When she was 11 months old, she decided it was time for her to take over being boss of the herd and by the end of summer she had become Number 2 boss!  Sparkle, her mother, and number one boss, just will not give in to her!  That was a fun summer!
My first rule in having a foal each year was to sell the foals when they were weaned. I broke that rule with Ann. She was so much fun, I decided to keep her until she was old enough to have a foal of her own and then sell her. Now that time has come, and I find that I can’t let her go ! She is still fun, and I’m too attached to her!
Just look at this happy, gorgeous family. (You can click on the picture below to see a larger image.)

I want to jump on a plane to New York right now…

Keep your positive stories, experiences and photos of donkeys and burros coming! Send them to us at morningbray@hotmail.com and we’ll post them here. ♥